Naval War College Nigeria


R Adm A Ahmed

Cdre PS Anabraba
Deputy Commandant / Dir of Studies

Brig Gen.  FO Onu
Directing Staff

Cdre S El-Hussein
Directing Staff

Cdre IC Ketebu
Director National Security Affairs

Capt SM Tasiu
Directing Staff

Capt OA Awofe
Director Academic Research & Support Services

Gp Capt KO Akinyosade
Director Leadership and Management Studies

Cdr OB Oko
Staff Officer I Admin

Cdr A Ahmed
Public Relation Officer

Lt Cdr S Gyams
Staff Officer II Admin

Lt Cdr IA Mgbakor
Staff Officer II Coord

Lt Cdr OS Onwughai
College Logistics Officer

Lt Cdr JJ Jerome
Naval Assistant-Commandant

Lt Cdr  N Hagher
Project Officer

SLT AD Terrang
ICT Officer

SLT AC Okeke
Sports Officer

About NWC Nigeria

The Naval War College is the highest naval training institution in Nigeria. It was built to boost security in the maritime sector, as well as enhance the capability of naval officers to make sound decisions, both in command and management positions.

” The War College is a place of original research on all questions relating to war and to statesmanship connected with war, or the prevention of war. ”                                                                  – Adm. Stephen B. Luce