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Naval Warfare Course

Naval Warfare Course. The Naval Warfare Course is the principal program of the NWCN for commanders/captains and equivalents from sister Services and friendly nations as well as equivalent civilian staff. It is a 8-months program, the program covers 7 different models and they are as follows:

  • Module 1 – National Security and Organization of Defence. Module 1 introduces participants to issues of national security and organization of defence through series of lectures on Nigeria’s national security by erudite scholars drawn from the military and the academia.
  • Module 2 – Inter-Agency Cooperation in Maritime Security. Module 2 introduces the participants to inter-agency cooperation in maritime security operations. The Module is aimed at enabling participants evaluate and apply the requisite skill-sets required to facilitate cooperation and coordination among multiple agencies for enhanced maritime security.
  • Module 3 – Leadership and Management Studies. Module 3 exposes participants to the dynamics of military leadership at the operational level. The series of lectures and the consolidation exercise are designed to enable participants analyse and apply the leadership and managerial set-skills and attributes needed to perform at higher levels of command.
  • Module 4 – Naval History. Module 4 aims to enable participants conduct an in-depth analysis of past naval activities and draw valuable lessons for future campaigns.
  • Module 5 – Campaign Studies. Module 5 focuses on developing in the participants, a good understanding of the changing character of war and its relation to peace and national security through an in-depth analysis of the levels and theories of war, strategic decision making including exposing participants to techniques of planning and executing joint exercises/operations.
  • Module 6 – Operational Art/Joint Operations. Module 6 aims at exposing the participants to joint operations and modern concepts of Operational Art. Furthermore, it aims at developing participants’ attitudes and thought processes essential for successful naval/military operations thereby deepening their understanding of other Services’ contributions to joint war efforts.
  • Module 7 – Peace Support Operations (PSO). Module 7 is designed to enable participants evaluate how the global environment poses specific demands on military capabilities in terms of international assistance initiatives through PSOs. The package is therefore conducted with the assistance of a team from the Centre for Strategic Research and Studies at the National Defence College Nigeria, which is an accredited centre of excellence in strategic training in PSO in Africa. The package assesses the operationalization of the deployment of Africa Union and ECOWAS standby forces in peace support operations.

Flag Officers’ Fellowship

The Flag Officers’ Fellowship is a 6-week package focused on enhancing the theatre strategic command capability of officers of flag rank in joint and combined operations as well as various regional maritime security collaboration initiatives.

Higher Defence Management Orientation Course

The Higher Defence Management Orientation Course is a 4-week package designed to familiarize select officers (Captains and equivalents) of the AFN and officers of friendly countries with regional and global strategic perspectives of Nigeria and nuances of higher defence management.

Command Level Officers Course

The Command Level Officers Course is a 6-week package that prepares commanders and senior lieutenant commanders for command responsibilities in order to improve the quality of command afloat and ashore.

Ethics and Naval Leadership Course

The 3-week Ethics and Naval Leadership course is designed to expose participants to the NN core values of professionalism, integrity and teamwork, in order to inspire the entrenchment of ethical leadership in Sub-Lieutenants, Lieutenants and equivalents.

Maritime Security Seminar

Participants at the one-week Maritime Security Seminar (MSS) will be afforded the opportunity for joint and inter-agency interaction towards resolving contemporary challenges of maritime security. The MSS may be precursor to an International Maritime Security Seminar or Symposium.


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About NWC Nigeria

The Naval War College is the highest naval training institution in Nigeria. It was built to boost security in the maritime sector, as well as enhance the capability of naval officers to make sound decisions, both in command and management positions.

” The War College is a place of original research on all questions relating to war and to statesmanship connected with war, or the prevention of war. ”                                           – Adm. Stephen B. Luce